Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Good For What Ails You

I first felt it the other day, a slight tingling in the back of my throat and thought nothing of it, but now I'm sure it's turning into something; I can feel it. Seems to be going around lately, they always do. I must have caught it from someone, their tiny micro-organisms fancy me as a new home. I don't think I like that idea. My body doesn't seem to like it either.

Feeling a bit run down today, tired and lethargic, have been all day and a little sick in the stomach since coffee this morning. I almost fell asleep in the bath earlier while trying to read. I only got through half a chapter before giving up.

I've been living without a TV for a few weeks now. I got my old one back the other day, but have only just set it up in my room. It's very rare these days that there's a programme of any real worth on television. I think I've been doing quite fine without it, although perhaps I'll watch a bit of Letterman tonight while lying sick in bed.

The Old Television Set


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