Monday, August 30, 2004

Midnight Shower and Stuff

My hair is still wet from the much needed midnight shower I just took. No one was online tonight and I didn't feel like chatting anyway; it's very rarely that I actually do. No one really has anything of much worth to say anyway. I thought about reading for a bit, but I think reading is better done away from technology and other distractions. Books are the ultimate portable entertainment, no batteries required. I'll read a bit tomorrow on my lunch break maybe.

So I ended up watching the rest of Dead Man Walking that I started to watch the other day. An interesting movie with great performances by Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, nicely written story as well.

One thing I noticed while at the movies this afternoon that I forgot to mention earlier, was the fact that every movie trailer these days is essentially the same, a single voice over describing the movie's background then a fast sequence of images leading up to a climax, then the credits, then a quick shot at the end with a tag line or joke. Is it a single company that does all these? Have they done research that shows this format fills the most seats? I think its getting quite old, almost clich├ęd; makes me not want to see the movie. I'd like to see a return to the style of Kubrick's good old trailers. A little creativity is not too much to ask, even if it is just the trailer.

Should probably be getting to bed soon, not really tired though. Maybe I'll try to read a bit.

Susan and Sean


Blogger hizzannah said...

I agree. The trailor for "The Shining" was so much different than any others I've seen. They are all similar, and we should...kill them. Eh?

8/30/2004 02:03:00 am  

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