Sunday, September 05, 2004

All Around

Was setting up the DVD player and sound system in my room before. Just to test everything out, I put on Love Actually and somehow I got caught up watching it again. I actually think it's a terrific movie, up there with the best, well written and just an overall great film, at least for a romantic comedy. Makes you feel all warm inside.

It was moving day today and I think I've finally got almost all of my things from Chantal's. I helped her move today as well so I've basically been on my feet all day carrying things up and down stairs and now I'm exhausted. Looking forward to getting some much needed sleep tonight. My messy bed is looking increasingly more inviting with every passing minute.

We had to get a few extension cords and things this afternoon, so while there I also looked around for a Father's Day present. Dad is coming for dinner tomorrow, which should be a nice treat. I hardly get to see him now that he's moved to Tasmania, so I have to make the most of his visit this time. I'm glad that I can see him for Father's Day.

It's all around


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