Thursday, September 30, 2004


Just came home from seeing Aliens Vs Predator at the local cinema. Definitely a movie that could have been a lot better. Should have known it was going to be nothing more than a shameless attempt by the studios to cash in on the successes of the previous movies that have so generously lent their names to this abomination. I'm not sure why I expected better.

There seems always to be a discernible difference between films shot with a certain degree of artistic concern and those made purely for profit, yet sometimes these movies must actually be viewed for their artificial nature to be recognised. It's impossible to tell from the trailers. Perhaps they should come with a clear warning.

I never was a really big fan of the Predator movies, but I liked all the movies from the Alien quadrilogy. Even though some might say they declined in quality after the second film, I think that because each of them had different directors, they each possessed their own individual qualities that made them unique.

How far can we stretch this franchise?


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