Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Breakfast Club

Wow, it's getting pretty late, almost time for breakfast. Tiredness tonight, it seems, is sluggishly taking its time to set in, but I'm certain it's not far off. It's just beginning to become light outside.

The bus to the city was late as usual. There was a couple there to keep a look out, so while waiting, I busied myself a little way off in the park with some careless wanderings and investigations. Boarding the bus, I noticed John sitting, listening to music. Not noticing me at first, I think it struck him as odd that I sat straight down right next to him when it was clear that many other seats were available.

Turns out we were off to the same place, meeting Jerry and some other friends in the city. The night progressed with its usual steady flow. After the house light came on and last games of pool were called by the bar staff, we somehow managed to end up at Jerry's place, playing cards until the thought of sleep got the better of a few people who had work in the morning.

Wasn't really tired at all when I got home. Decided to watch The Breakfast Club, which I thought I hadn't seen before, but while watching it, certain parts seemed awfully familiar to me. I think I may have watched it late one night when I was younger. Almost totally character based, it's interesting to see the exterior contrasts matched against deeper similarities in the characters.

I sometimes wonder where exactly in the brain, the experience of a movie goes when we watch, patterns of neurons firing, rearranging. I can remember the movie, so a part of it must be in there somewhere. What happens to it when more and more movies are amassed on top, compiled and compressed? The information is not lost, not entirely; it can't be. A little of the original experience must linger somewhere, ready to be heaved up from the subconscious upon similar stimulus, the deja vu resurrection of memories thought long departed.

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