Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Butterflies in the Mind

The influence of every object extends out in all directions, infinitely into the universe. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Peking, then in Central Park you get rain instead of sunshine. That's what they say in Jurassic Park anyway.

Went out again tonight, seems to be becoming a regular occurrence on a Wednesday night. There was a local band playing, The Butterfly Effect, seemed to have increased the usual human traffic for the night.

I remember someone saying that the ending on the DVD version of The Butterfly Effect movie was different to the ending shown in the cinema. I have yet to see the DVD version, but it seems rather strange that the entire ending would have been totally changed, just from the transition to DVD... unless. Is it possible they were trying to show that a minor change in initial conditions can have a dramatic impact on the outcome? Maybe, maybe not, whatever.

Butterflies in the mind bring rain and sunshine to your world.

Chaos in Hollywood


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