Monday, September 06, 2004

Butterfly Effect

In physics, an attractor is a set of physical properties or certain state which a system is naturally drawn to or tends to evolve towards, regardless of its initial state or conditions. A strange attractor emerges in a chaotic system where erratic physical properties do not settle down into a predictable pattern. The attractor's influence on the system is forever changing, but still remains restricted on its determined course. When plotted in multidimensional phase space, a strange attractor will never cross its own path, yet will stay in relatively fixed bounds. It is the order found within all chaos.

Just arrived back from driving Dad home to the other side of town. Now separated by a city, we carry on lives as before, content with the time we've shared. He's returning home soon, flying back across Bass strait. Tonight was quite possibly the last time I'll see him for a long while. It was a good night, dinner, a bit of computer car racing, some singing with guitar and a game of chess to top off the night. As I prepare for sleep, I wonder where our separate fates will lead us.

I find it strange how delicately each present state of existence sits atop the shoulders of the past. When the tiniest of changes can be of profound significance to future events, the world becomes even more tumultuous than before and you find yourself struck with a turbulence that overwhelms comprehension.

The Lorenz Attractor


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