Sunday, September 26, 2004


It wasn't until after midday that I awoke to realise just how much I had overslept. With the faint memory of dismissing my half past nine alarm that morning, I contemplated the peculiar need for sleep that seems to exist throughout the animal kingdom. A chance to recondition the complexities of the mind perhaps, back to optimal performance, resetting the cryptic plugs and rotors. Why then do I often feel so far from peak mental capacity when I rise?

Chantal called and left a message while I was sleeping, asking if I would like to come around for lunch and watch a DVD. We picked up lunch from the shops down the road and came back to watch Enigma, a World War II movie about the German Enigma code and the allied code crackers - the geeks of the forties - who unlocked its secrets. Cracking the Enigma code, what took the most sophisticated cryptographic machinery of the war around fifteen hours to do, can now be done in just a few minutes on a modern computer.

Cracking the enigma code of existence is the real challenge.

The Enigma Cipher Machine


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out this one for some real code breaking fun. Extreme realistic!

5/27/2005 06:03:00 am  

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