Friday, September 03, 2004

CSS, Linux and Rock 'n' Roll

Setting up Linux on my old computer... again, so I can run it as a web server etc... exciting stuff. Now I guess I'll have to re-remember the commands to make everything run smoothly again. Suppose it will be useful for work if we decide to put in the Linux mail server.

I've been noticing a few anomalies in the page layout of this blog when viewed in Internet Explorer. Especially when navigating through different pages and back again, sometimes the background image or certain other images disappear. Also Internet Explorer sometimes seems to ignore some of the font styles from the template. I tried some other browsers and found they did not show the same problems.

Through a little research, I discovered that it has to do with the way Internet Explorer handles CSS Styles. Instead of adhering to the set internet standards like every other browser, the good people at Microsoft decided to do things their own way. I emailed Microsoft regarding CSS in IE yesterday and today I curiously found that one of the problems, the font colour of the title links, had mysteriously fixed itself. A coincidence most likely, but still interesting.

Finally got to see School of Rock last night. I had wanted to go and see it when it was out at the cinemas, but various things kept coming up and eventually it slipped off the screens onto video and DVD. I was actually quite surprised at what a good movie it was, consistently funny, with a great story; one of the best comedies I've seen this year. Jack Black also was absolutely perfect for the part and did a great job working with the children. It seemed like it would have been a very fun movie to make.

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