Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dodging Balls

I have resolved to stop this constant procrastination, to stop putting things off, dodging the disagreeable tasks just because they require a little effort, and start focusing on the things that simply must be done, grab the bull by the horns. Think I'll start first thing tomorrow.

We saw Dodgeball tonight, our little group of friends, a light-hearted typical American-style comedy, good for a laugh. Definitely the perfect sport for a bit of slapstick humor.

I was going to pay some bills today, but decided to put that off until tomorrow. I was going to go shopping for a new shirt. I can do that tomorrow while I'm out paying the bills. I was going to have a proper look at some other postgraduate courses that I might like to do next year. I'll do it tomorrow. I was going to fill out some forms that have been waiting to be done for a while. They can wait at least another day. I was going to start shaping some ideas into a proper script today. I might see if there is time tomorrow to fit that in.

Putting off life, one day at a time.

Words of wisdom from White Goodman


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