Thursday, September 02, 2004

Goon Radio

This afternoon I listened to the first episode of The Goon Show. The recording wasn't too clear and at times I had a little trouble making out some of what they were saying, but overall I enjoyed it. Also it gave me some ideas on how I should go about writing my own little project, which I'm still not sure I'll even continue pursuing.

I was thinking about writing it before too much as though it was a conventional theatrical play, but realised that the two mediums are quite different. Each scene must be constructed from scratch inside the listener's head using only sounds and words. It can have a discontinuous narrative made up of many different scenes, stories and ideas. It's very spontaneous and I think would greatly benefit from having a team of people working collectively on it. Maybe some day.

I find I often get all these ideas of things I want to do and get all excited about something and then find I slowly lose interest until the next big idea comes along to take its place. Perhaps I'm just looking, looking for something that I can become really passionate about so I can focus solely on that. I'm not sure if I'll ever find it.

A Bunch of Goons


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