Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Let It Be

I'll probably postpone any serious writing until I'm feeling a little better. It seems everyone around me is becoming ill in some way or another; it hasn't hit me too hard though. Had lots of ideas for the script, a few of those have been good ones, which I'll scribble down soon and start thinking of more character ideas.

Listening to Let It Be over again after realising the sound wasn't going through the subwoofer. I saw the movie the other day for the first time and was surprised, but somewhat pleased that, unlike their other movies, it had more of a documentary style, following their journey from rehearsals, then into the recording studio and lastly up to the famous final concert on the rooftop of the Apple building in London. The rehearsal sessions also comforted me to the fact that even The Beatles can sound pretty average when they're just playing around, makes them seem a little more real.

I had to post off my old keyboard this morning and while walking down the shopping centre, was almost caught by one of those charity stalls that are always there in the middle of the hall, every day. It makes me wonder how much charity money actually goes towards the people in need, if a comfortable living can be made by keeping up people in a hurry. They act like they're your best friend, really interested; it's unbearably phony. If I do decide to give to a charity, I would like to know that my money is going to the people who really need it.

Playing on the Roof


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