Saturday, September 11, 2004


Just arrived home from the valley. Walked halfway home, but then a taxi driver found it in his heart to stop for me when it seemed none of the others would. Even though it costs a few extra dollars, there's nothing quite like the luxury of being personally driven home, especially when you've endured the experience of walking the whole way a few too many times before.

Jerry was supposed to come out with me tonight, but he was feeling sick and also didn't have much money. He decided to stay at home, leaving me to find other meeting arrangements. We all played pool in the city for a while, then Peter and I left to meet a friend of a friend for a short while before heading off to the valley.

Met up with some friends at a place new to me on Brunswick Street called Faith. Lots of people dressed in black, something to prove I guess, making a statement, a real production. Nice people though generally. Had a good night. A friend brought a classmate from uni, a real introvert, hasn't been out much, never been on the dance floor. With much persuasion we managed to get him up and having a good time.

Sometimes I wonder whether there is any point, any real meaning to the seemingly random series of events we call life. What if we are all just various irrelevant entities floating in a shell of existence, with no purpose but to simply be? But then again, perhaps we all play a vital roll, shaping the destiny of the universe, perhaps we are all part of the masterplan. Who knows? We have a lot to learn.

The young teaching the old


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