Thursday, September 09, 2004

Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

Life goes on. Didn't post last night because it seemed Blogger's publishing system was down due to a simple technical glitch or as they put it, a massive simultaneous server failure across multiple machines.

Caught the 353 bus into town yesterday afternoon, possibly the slowest bus route in Brisbane because of all its twists and turns. Jerry had finished work and was waiting at the bus stop when I arrived. We met up with some others and played pool until the locks were put back on the tables.

After that we decided to take a walk around the city, stopping to have a look around at a few other places, but mostly just walking. On the way up Edward street, Jerry jumped up to playfully tap one of the store signs overhead. A loud "Is that your sign?" came abruptly from a passing police car, which had stopped, presumably with nothing better to do with their valuable time than to ask people passing on the sidewalk painfully obvious questions. They soon drove away, no doubt to find another tough case of sign hitting to solve. We suggested that Jerry should go to the sign outside his dad's office, where Jerry works, and start hitting that sign for a while. After a few hours of walking around the city and the valley, legs aching from the journey, we eventually ended up back at the same place we started.

Sometimes it seems all I do is travel in circles, such is life.

Happy ever after in the marketplace


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