Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Office Flora

Work was better today than yesterday, not sure why though. We had a problem with the system database this morning. A few tables had been accidentally deleted by someone and we couldn't get them back. To make matters worse, when we attempted to restore the database from yesterday's backup file, we found that the automated script that was set up by the database developers to back up the data files wasn't working and hadn't been backing up for a few weeks.

We were in a bit of a bind, but eventually we managed to get everything sorted out. It turns out that the data from the tables wasn't actually deleted and we were able to restore everything to its rightful state and also fix the backup script problem, which may well have gone unnoticed for much longer, possibly resulting in much more severe data loss problems.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet, filled with trivial tasks. I noticed that the plant in the glass on the window sill was beginning to get low on water, so I gave it some of the water I got from the cooler. I hope it wasn't too cold. I think I'll continue to provide periodic updates on the office plant as I have become quite fond of it. At the moment it seems to be doing very well. Perhaps I should find a name for it.

Window sill plant


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