Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Queen Street

Should have been resting in bed, but was feeling a bit better and craving a little adventure. Some friends were already in the city playing pool. A few of them were even more afflicted with this bug that's been going around than I was and yet they still wanted me to come in and enjoy a few games with them.

The place we went to in Queen Street, the place they always go to, had free pool tonight. We won a few games, but mostly lost, a bit out of practice perhaps. After they had returned the locks to the pool tables, we left to get some food. I was quite hungry by then and astonished a few by finishing off three burgers, a large fries and a milkshake. Those of us who were sick were eager to call it an early night, although the night in all was relatively enjoyable.

I watched an episode of Star Trek this afternoon called The Inner Light where Picard's mind gets taken over by a space probe and he lives through a whole lifetime as another person on another planet, all in twenty minutes of actual time. I sometimes wonder what it would be like, what I would be like, if the surroundings and circumstances around me were drastically different. What if I were born a hundred years ago here in Brisbane? From what experiences would my perceptions have been shaped? Would I be me at all?

The Queen Street Mall, 1893


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