Monday, September 13, 2004

Singing for Absolution

absolution: An absolving, or setting free from guilt, sin, or penalty; forgiveness of an offense. "Government... granting absolution to the nation." --Froude.

We watched from the hill as Muse took to the Brisbane Riverstage for their final show in Australia before abandoning us to continue their world tour.

I was ready with avid anticipation that afternoon for the night's concert, had just organised with Jerry which bus to take into the city and was anxiously waiting for the bus to arrive, which evidently was running late. Standing there semi-patiently in wait, a sudden panic came over me when I realised the tickets for the show were still sitting in the drawer at home. Lucky my place is right across the road from the bus stop, as I rushed back, returning in perfect time to flag down the bus emerging over the hill.

Muse put on a brilliant performance and it was a genuinely great night. I even saw a few people I knew amongst the vast crowd, including one of the guys I sung with on Saturday's recording. Jerry and I were down near the stage for the first part of the set, fighting the crowd for a spot at the front. I found however that a much better view could be had by standing a bit back from the stage crowd, a little way up the hill, freed and absolved from the sweaty, raging madness of the of the pit below.

Going Up?