Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunshine Trip

It was a reasonably long drive to where we were staying on Friday night, a couple of hours, interrupted only by a brief fast-food dinner at a large truck stop on the way. We had organised a trip to stay at our friends' new house at Coolum Beach, which they had moved into not long ago.

The night was long and very enjoyable, a barbecue and some drinks with good friends. Still can't believe we all managed to fit into their heated spa afterwards. We all went out for breakfast the next morning and then to the beach and up to a few lookout places.

Sometimes I think it would be quite nice to live out by the beach, a very relaxing and simple existence. Though somehow I feel almost bound to the city, a strange comfort in its complexity. A periodic escape from helter skelter however is always welcome.

Looking out over Coolum Beach


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