Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Waiting For Uncle Sam

Waiting outside the cinema after work I noticed all around, the ever so subtle anticipation in the faces of every man, woman and child I saw, the expectation of future events, waiting for the future to become past. It seems that everyone is waiting for something, if only the next tick of the clock.

Steven Speilberg's latest, The Terminal tonight reminded me slightly of Samuel Beckett's classic play Waiting For Godot, mostly because Speilberg seems to run with the theme of waiting throughout the entire movie. But unlike the characters of Beckett's absurd play, Viktor Navorski played by Tom Hanks seemed to be waiting with a purpose, waiting in line, waiting for his pager, waiting for the war to end in his country, waiting for his joke appointment, waiting for Catherine Zeta-Jones's next flight in, waiting in the cue each day to be declined his temporary visa and waiting for Uncle Sam, the powers at be to decide his fate in the caged existence in which he finds himself trapped.

While waiting day after day in the halls of Gate 63, Viktor realises that some things you can't sit and wait for. They lie hidden in transparency and emerge spontaneously only as a product of your waiting for the more trivial things in life, but in the end, seem to help you the most in the ultimate pursuit of your dreams.

I'll wait


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