Sunday, October 03, 2004

Blade Running

There was a time, ages ago it seems, when every Friday night was spent down at the local skating rink, roller blading around, the simple pleasures of adolescence. I now look back on those days with cheerful nostalgia and wonder in what light I might reflect upon the happenings of today, my life as it is now, when these days become but distant memories.

Last night I was invited to go skating with a few friends, back where so many of my roller blading memories had been collected. It was a very enjoyable night and I had a great time skating around and playing all the old games, yet somehow it was different, missing a certain something from the old days. I guess I never expected it to be that same anyway. Memories can often be deceiving.

The character "Rachael" in Ridley Scott's Blade Runner, is unaware that she is a replicant after the Tyrell Corporation implants memories into her mind. After finding out, she seems almost surprised that she is actually able to play the piano, the implanted piano lessons of her false past coming to the surface.

I remember last night, pondering where exactly in the head the ability to skate is kept. Very vague is the memory of my first learning to skate; must have been an early moment in my life, but it is in there. I can recollect small fragments with some small effort. The ability to skate however, like riding a bike, is not readily perceptible. After a very long period of not skating, there is always that brief moment of doubt, until you step onto the floor and you find it all comes back, unconscious coordination learned long ago reemerges.

Time to die?


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