Thursday, October 21, 2004

Light My Fire

Watched the first half of Cast Away yesterday, before Chantal, in the end, became sleepy and the decision was made to watch the rest another day. Really puts a lot of things in perspective, the complex workings of day to day life, the ills of society and the contrast of hectic modern existence to basic survival instinct. Sometimes I wish I were on a deserted island, all alone, without all the distraction, no cares at all. I probably wouldn't be able to stand it for long though. I guess we are all, in a way, on our own private little islands anyway as we travel through this life, trapped in our meager shells.

How easily fire is created these days by simply striking a match or flicking a lighter. How magical the wild flames of forest fires must have appeared to early humans before we managed to finally capture the secret of fire, liberating it from the trees for domestication. It seems fire and humanity have, over the years, formed a kind of symbiotic relationship, each assisting the existence of the other in increasingly unlikely environments.

Look what I have created!


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