Saturday, October 23, 2004

Love and Death - Ingredients of Life

The sun is up; has been for a while. It is officially tomorrow.

I thought I would put on a movie, perhaps that would help me, or maybe I just needed a little time out, rest the head a bit. Two more DVDs had arrived from this DVD postage rental free month trial thing I signed up for. I figured I would be either asleep or at least rather tired by the time Anger Management had finished its little charade, yet found myself afterwards, outside in the morning breeze, enjoying the rising sun over the playground across the street.

Coming inside at last, not in the mood for reading, the other DVD followed straight on. I hadn't before seen a Woody Allen movie and didn't exactly know what to expect. Love and Death was my first taste of what had existed in my head only as rumor and opinion. Quite enjoyed it for what it was; good to see some serious themes served with a dash of humor.

I remember reading somewhere that the only reason the human race are as smart as they are, is that they keep on having to work out increasingly ingenious ways to persuade members of the opposite sex into bed, thus passing on their intelligence genes to the next lot. Art, philosophy, science, all mere byproducts of our fundamental need to love and die; all finding a home in the fertile environment of our scheming minds.

Woody, young and old


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