Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Painting 1000 Words

No picture today. I decided I'd break my steady streak of putting a picture up with each of my posts. Sometimes it's nice just to be able to write, put down a trickling flow of thoughts without feeling obliged to go to the trouble of finding a picture to go along with the words.

The dots in my blog template were making me crazy, so I had a play around with the colours on my way to developing a whole new template.

The tiler is here tiling the bathroom floor. His truck is parked in the driveway, blocking the exit, so I'm stuck here waiting in my room. He's also removed the toilet from the bathroom; luckily the call of nature hasn't struck me just yet. I hope he doesn't take too long.

O how dependent we are on others.

Next Monday it will be November the first on which National Novel Writing Month will begin and I'll begin frantically writing, terribly no doubt. I worked out, that to reach the minimum wordcount of 50000, I will have to write approximately 1666.666 words per day; busy, busy, busy.


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