Saturday, October 16, 2004

Princes of Maine, Kings of New England

"So you like movies?"
"Yes, I've seen only one though."

Last night, a little while before the sun was set to show its head over the distant horizon, I sat, sleepless, staring at the screen. I decided I would watch The Cider House Rules, a movie that I recall quite inspired me when I first watched it all those years ago.

When I was born, now nearly twenty three years ago, my Mother had considered putting me up for adoption. It is difficult for me to imagine what things would have been like had my life been pushed down this path. I wonder what kind of person I would be.

I think, in many ways I can relate to Homer Wells growing up in that orphanage in Maine. There are times when the pull of places far and wide takes hold, a spontaneous desire to escape the confines of my place here and see the world. I oftentimes find myself counting the various attachments that are keeping me stuck where I am. The excuses seem to wear very thin at times.

Movie night at the orphanage


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