Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Cold on a Warm Wet Day

"If you go out in the rain when it's cold, you'll catch a cold" they say. It was raining this morning, but has been quite warm around here lately, yet somehow I think I've still managed to catch a cold. The perception that cold weather makes you sick is an interesting one. Perhaps the micro-organisms that make a person ill, operate better at cooler temperatures, although why then do we get a fever? Probably the body's defences are less acute when it's cold. I really don't know.

I took two cold pills, thinking I might be able to get the jump on this colony of bacteria or viruses or whatever, moving in to my body like it was their home or something. I just read on the packet that I'm only supposed to take one pill. Ah well. Someone call poison control.

Sometimes I think that corporations, through the media tend to overplay the threat of germs and bacteria a little bit, just as a device to sell cleaning products and disinfectants and all that. Fear is a very powerful tool, but what you're left with is a population of paranoid people and a generation of kids that haven't built up an immunity to anything and get sick at the drop of a hat. That's ok though, because then they need to buy more cold and flu medicine.

Microscopic hitchhiker


Blogger Mellie Helen said...

Ooooh, your microscopic hitchhiker looks like he'd make a cute little pet. And comes with his own night light, too!

12/12/2004 03:14:00 am  

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