Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Cricket

I've never really understood how a game that seems so slow and uninteresting can be so well liked by so many people. Here in Australia, cricket is so popular that I'm pretty sure it's the national sport or something - whatever that means. Anyway, I managed to acquire some free tickets for yesterday’s day-nighter game at the Woolloongabba Cricket Ground aka The Gabba from a friend I used to work with and thought I might go along just to see what I was missing.

So we arrived there and they half-heartedly checked our bags for alcohol or weapons or something like that and let us through. All the seats were just about packed full, but that was only because half the stadium seating had been sectioned off so everyone was crowded into the other half. We eventually found a seat, just before the cricketers went off to have their dinner. Only in cricket are the players so relaxed that they can break for a leisurely dinner.

While the players were eating, they had a throwing competition with some people from the audience or spectators or whatever they're called. I thought it was a little unfair for the little kid though, who couldn't throw very far. Everyone made a big sympathy cheer for him anyway when he threw the shortest, so I guess it wouldn't have been too humiliating for him. I made the suggestion that they should have had a bowling competition, which would have tested their accuracy instead of just brute strength.

The second part of the game began and it was alright I suppose, but was still just a bunch of guys standing around a field and I found myself almost more enthralled by the blow-up beach ball antics of the crowd and paying more attention to the various moths flying around all confused by the bright stadium lights. We decided to leave before the game ended because it was pretty clear that Tasmania wasn't going to catch up.

Clouds over The Gabba


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