Thursday, December 23, 2004

I ♥ Existential Detectives

If you think hard enough, anything and everything can become coincidence. It's a sliding scale, the degrees of coincidence, which differ for every person. The really big coincidences are just the ones that remain prominent in the mind, the ones some puzzle over, wondering how it's all connected, if at all.

While shopping today, I saw in the busy crowd coming towards me an acquaintance, the boyfriend of one of my friends from uni. We'd met a few times, just enough that I would have had to do the 'stop and chat' if he saw me, or rather if he saw that I'd seen him. I know the proper thing to do would be to stop and say hello and all the how are you's and all that, but to tell you the truth, I really didn't feel like enduring all the small talk, so I kind of headed over to the other lane of human traffic to avoid eye contact.

Later on, while walking back to the shopping centre from the library, I was crossing the zebra crossing and saw the friend from uni, the girlfriend of the acquaintance I had not long ago avoided. I waved as I crossed and she recognised me and motioned for me to jump into the car. We caught up a bit as she went around the block - there were no parking spaces anywhere - and she dropped me off at my car, where I put away my library books before heading back inside to go see a movie.

I had decided to go and see I Heart Huckabees after hearing some good things about it from friends and hearing it likened to some movies written by Charlie Kaufman. There were only four people in the theatre including me. I sat right at the back, there were two old ladies about three rows down who kept laughing hysterically at anything remotely funny and another lady who was sitting right over on the furthest seat to the right for whatever reason.

The film was pretty good I guess, but I think I had my expectations a little too high before going in. It's definitely no Charlie Kaufman movie, although now I think I want to open up my own existential detective agency. Seems like fun work, although maybe I should get myself sorted out first.

I heart Huckabees


Blogger katia said...

now lets talk about the petroleum issue. Shania...

i loved the movie... and jude law was in it.. but that wasnt why i wanted to see it... triple j said it was good and to watch it, a thinking movie like charlie kaufmans.

i wrote something bout the film in my livejournal thing, not gonna bother bout writing it all again.

12/26/2004 06:05:00 pm  

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