Wednesday, December 29, 2004

I Wonder

It was supposed to be last Christmas, the big move at work, just after I had started there, then it was March, then the end of June at the latest. Today, finally we began to move everything over, with the help of a few volunteers, to the new building next door that has been in the process of refurbishment for quite some time now and there's still a fair bit to go.

In my pigeon hole this morning was a large white envelope with my name on it. I puzzled over what might be inside for about a second or two, until I remembered the list of dvds that last week was passed around the office, from which we each had to choose two, one first choice and one backup. Sometimes, I wish you could choose a backup for everything in life.

Wonder Boys was the movie I found after opening the envelope, along with a cheerful Christmas message and wishing me all the best for the new year. I'm pretty sure it was my first choice. I can't even recall what my backup was. I watched it this afternoon, not having seen it in a while; a difficult movie to pick what exactly I like so much about it.

Sometimes I wonder what exactly it is that makes one movie enjoyable for me, while to someone else, sitting through the same film would be like torture. I wonder if it might have something to do with past experiences built up in the mind. I wonder if it's just brain chemistry, that we're all wired differently or that some people either lack the attention spans or they simply don't get it and have no wish to.

I wonder what it is that makes each of us so different, our stories so unique.

Wonder Girls


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