Thursday, December 23, 2004

Shopping and The Library

It's been kind of a running joke between my friend Jerry and I, that I'm constantly out either shopping or at the library, although I don't really do these things all that often, not more than average anyway. It's just that a little while back, he called me a few times and every time, I was always either at the library or out shopping and I guess that just stuck with him. The human mind seems set on placing great importance on and trying to find meaning out of the many coincidences it recognises in day to day life, that they are somehow connected in a more profound way or something like that.

Well, if he had called today, it would have only perpetuated the whole thing, as I would have been either out Christmas shopping or over at the Chermside library reading. I had to find some presents for my parents, but I could only find one for Mum, so it looks like I'll be out shopping again tomorrow. The present I found was $85 marked down from $99 and although I sincerely hope that my Mum doesn't read my blog, I will keep its identity a surprise. Anyway, I got to the counter and the price came up on the register as $128 and so I had to wait there for about five minutes so that one of the checkout girls could go to check on the price and come back to tell me that I was right.

I decided to head on over to the library for a bit, through the little alleyway next to the Chermside shopping centre. Whenever I go to the library, I tend to take out lots and lots of books that look like they will be really, really good, but then when I get them home, I find that a lot of them they are absolutely terrible. Today, because I had a bit of time, I just picked out a heap of books, anything that looked interesting and then took them all over to one of the seats to sort out the ones that were really worth it.

While on that chair, going through my books, I noticed that the man sitting in front of me had fallen asleep while reading the paper. I thought it quite funny, so had to take a picture. I wonder if he'll ever stumble across this post. Somehow I doubt it.

Old man asleep at the Chermside Library


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