Friday, December 10, 2004

Watching the Puddles Gather Rain

It's been raining on and off for the past few days, the constant cloudy haze hanging over our heads, weighing heavily, perhaps more than we realise, upon our lives and emotions. The puddles of the mind begin to fill with mixed feelings trickling down from the floating mass of grey up above, gathering in wet little clusters on the cold cement.

So Anyway, the other day while driving around, I noticed this wetness down at my feet and looking down, saw that the carpet was quite damp. The car had always had a bit of a leak I think, but had never been this bad. So, I sloshed around for a little bit down the road, until I parked and looked in the back to find that even more water had pooled up into this little pond on the back seat floor.

I've searched everywhere for the source of the leak to no avail and as the carpet is completely dry around where the doors are, it almost seems as though the water is somehow seeping up from beneath, but surely that can't be so. It seems every trip to the mechanic just leaves my car fraught with even more, ever increasing problems.

So until I can determine where the water is coming in from or until this incessant rain comes to an end, I guess I'll just sit here watching the puddles gather rain.

Blind Melon


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