Saturday, January 22, 2005

Crowd Dynamics

Apparently the first ever foam party in the Brisbane CBD was held at Cesars last night. Chantal had been to a few before in France and really wanted to go along. I admit that the idea of foaming girls in bikinis did sound somewhat intriguing.

We had been sitting and drinking for a few hours, the place was becoming quite packed and I began to wonder whether they were ever going to turn on the machine. Just then, as if sensing my anticipation, it began, bubbling foam spraying out upon the crowded dance floor.

I was watching our table while the girls were out dancing, when the inevitable need to use the bathroom arose. I knew that leaving the table at that point would result in it becoming lost to the crowd, but I really had to go. Afterwards, with the table gone, I went to look for the others, venturing into the foaming mass of bodies and nearly choking to death when a huge glob of bubbles was launched directly into my face mid-breath.

This morning was the prospect of dealing with a different type of crowd at the Lifeline Bookfest. Sifting through the multitude of hungry bookworms, all looking for a good feed, I pondered crowd dynamics for a short while, the complexities of certain individuals as they go about attempting to fulfil their specific desires, moving and flowing through swirling currents, each influencing all others in their epic dance.

I also found a few good books myself.

Crowds at the Lifeline Bookfest


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