Sunday, January 30, 2005

Further Away

Yesterday it seemed things weren't going my way, just those few small happenings, those few unfortunate mishaps of life that compound into the feeling that perhaps it's not your day, week, decade.

Arriving at the cinemas and after taking a few steps towards the theatre, realising the car keys had not left the car with us and the spare set was at home. Sitting and eating before the movie, fate deciding it might be a laugh if I spilled Coke all over myself. All these things seem set upon the mind, despite the many favourable developments that seem swiftly swept aside, leaving the appearance that it may all be slowly slipping further away.

The movie we all saw, Closer left me more dispirited really than anything. Four characters, a touch underdeveloped if you ask me, living out their lonely lives. With a little more thought going into shot composition, emotional development and perhaps a touch tighter on the conversational editing, this film could have been very interesting. Great acting though, I thought, especially from Jude Law and Natalie Portman.



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