Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Library Books' Ambition

As the work days amass, new stresses arise, new pressures present themselves through the hazy cloud of being. Time, once seeming so abundant and free, is now but a distant memory; the days eaten away. What's left is a daze of thoughts, dreams and desires, with ambition looming overhead, silently mocking.

The books I had borrowed nearly one month ago were wanting to go back to the library and I figured there might be a few just waiting for a chance to come home with me. So I sat at work wondering if I would be able to make it to a library after hours, before my books became seriously homesick.

As I found out, many of the city libraries have certain days on which they stay open a little later than usual, so I was able to stop in at the Chermside library after work. While browsing the shelves of knowledge, I noticed many sections that I just passed on by, in between books of more captivating interest, yet those other sections must certainly be desirable to some.

A library book's purpose is to be borrowed; it is its ambition. Books not borrowed are eventually eliminated from the holdings. New purchases are most often based on which current books are the greatest achievers. It seems evolving incentives are constantly at work: fancy cover designs, clever titles, but most of all, the promise of ideas and experiences, waiting to find their way into new fertile ground.

Which ideas are competing for your mind?


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