Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Nature of Humanity is Irrepressible

Went along to the Sit Down Comedy Club on Friday night. Regrettably, they sat us right up the front, next to the stage, right in the line of fire of audience conversation and humiliation and also of the headline act Dicko's rampant flying spit while articulating certain consonant sounds. The air-conditioning right above us was leaking also and kept dripping droplets of water onto our heads. I never knew you could get so wet in a comedy club. Nevertheless, the night wasn't too bad.

I found myself watching a video of Monkey Magic while falling asleep, laughing at its brilliant absurdity and remembering the times when I was little, when I would always watch it every day after school. I used to have a broom stick that I had painted up to look like Monkey's staff. I think I was a little disappointed though that I couldn't make it grow and shrink like he did in the show or perform any of his other magical powers. I always wanted one of those magic clouds so I could fly away from the repetitiveness of school life.

I guess, in a way, the show was an escape, being caught up in and following along with the quest for the holy scriptures and all the adventures they set upon, which seem a mere fantasy to a child. But for a brief moment, you become entangled in that fantasy world and your experiences there so too influence your future here.

Monkey Magic


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