Sunday, February 06, 2005

Emergent Lives

The living city sits steadfast on the shores of the river, it's reaching tendril streets outstretched across the land, a monumental mass of arteries and veins, circulating lives, feeding the ever-growing centre. The millions playing out their wearied existence, clumped together within the giant, complex behemoth, interact and organise in their ongoing attempts to fulfil day to day desires. Amongst this intricate system, various recognisable patterns take shape above the emerging lives.

Friday night was a friend's birthday dinner to attend; last minute gift anxiety, countered by a lot of chocolate mud cake. Saturday night, people over for drinks, music, a movie and videogames, warming the new place. Today we were expected for lunch at the Southbank Turkish restaurant Ahmet's, meeting Jim from work and others for the first Sunday of the month drumming and belly dancing, having missed the last few occasions.

As for the rest of the rather warm afternoon, it was spent relaxing at the over-chlorinated artificial beach in the parklands, surrounded by hundreds of other lives, swimming and splashing, without a care. We watched Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie and Ethan Hawke tonight - they were in it I mean. To experience life as another is an interesting thought, though not easily achieved. I wonder whether perceptions would be dramatically different; perhaps everything would remain relatively unchanged.

Over the river to Brisbane City


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