Monday, February 28, 2005

Far From Home

Friday night we left at around 7:30pm Queensland time. I had never travelled so far on the road in my life; across the border to New South Wales - losing an hour to daylight savings - driving inland and arriving at the large wheat farm in the state's centre just as the sun was rising on Saturday morning.

We were down for the christening of a friend's niece and nephew and also to see the farm he had grown up on. Many hectares spread out in all directions from the house where we were staying, tiny in comparison. The second summer with no considerable rainfall compounded the intense dry heat that seemed to engulf the calm expanse.

Saturday afternoon we took a short drive around some of the property, with someone suggesting that I might be able to get some good shots from the ladder of the old windmill in the field. It somehow seemed quite a bit higher after I had climbed up there than it did from the ground.

Good to climb up for the view, but glad to return to solid ground. Good to travel down for the experience, wide open spaces, the yawning countryside, but glad to get back home again, back to where you once belonged.

Shadows over the farm


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