Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Hand in Hand Through Their Half-Life

"Did the lungfish refuse to breathe air? It did not. It crept forth boldly while its brethren remained in the blackest ocean abyss, with lidless eyes forever staring at the dark, ignorant and doomed despite their eternal vigilance." --Wallace Breen, Half-Life2

Oh, look at the time. Have I really been playing for that long? I can feel now I'm getting rather close to the end of the noticeably linear narrative of Half-Life 2, but I've put the world of Gordon Freeman on hold for the moment, a story to continue another day - most likely tomorrow, as it seems to be quite addictive.

There is one part where Alyx and Gordon teleport back to City 17 and are unaware that a whole week has passed for everyone else during their transport, seeming a mere instant for them. When I save and exit, all the characters in the game become frozen in stasis while the real world rolls on, waiting oblivious for however long it takes to load their lives up again, perhaps forever.

In days gone by, I would at times ponder the possibility that just a moment ago, our reality had been on pause for a few million, million millennia. Maybe some higher intelligence was taking a coffee break from his regular interactive entertainment, although I couldn't imagine this world would be at all that exciting most of the time; no monsters, no aliens, but I could be wrong.

Hand me that pheropod would you dear? Cheers.


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