Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Stepping Over Mind Fields

A quick scan around the room and on my desk produces a count of around seventeen individual well-known brands, LG, Epson, Sony, that have managed to somehow infiltrated my life, Coca-Cola, Nintendo, Adidas, and subsequently have found their way from my mind, through motions of fingers upon the keys, into words upon the screen, Microsoft, Logitech, Google.

On TV tonight was a documentary called The Persuaders, all about modern advertising and the lengths that major brands go to, trying to incorporate themselves into the consumer lifestyle, or better yet, make consumers incorporate themselves into the lifestyle the brand is portraying. Advertising is everywhere these days (look up), with each company vying for a spot in your mind, already cluttered with a million other advertisements, elaborate formulas of influence, each designed with one purpose: to (en)lighten your wallet.

A few books were due back, so I found myself again browsing the shelves of the library. I came across this book on Hypnotism called Hidden Depths: The Story of Hypnosis and amongst some other photos, there was a picture of an amusing 1960s ad for a "new modernized method of getting girls" using hypnosis. Promising testimonials, money back guarantee, all the tricks of the trade. I wonder if it really works.

1960s sexual conquest through hypnosis


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