Wednesday, February 16, 2005

The World of Tomorrow, Yesterday

What amusing little predictions and premonitions of the future we have, visions of days to come. The human mind can pride itself with the uncanny ability to extrapolate from current perceptual data, how things may be some time from now. The further into the future the mind ventures however, the less confident its predictions become.

It is possible that one minute and twenty-nine seconds from now, the universe will come to an end and all will cease to exist, yet little weight seems placed on this scenario. So I continue on life as usual, with an almost certain assumption that we will all still be here when the clock strikes twelve and a new day has begun. From our thoughts of what will come, projecting forward in time, temporary time travellers in the mind, chaotic possibilities split off into ever growing uncertainties.

Countless films depicting days of tomorrow have passed by into the memories of yesterday, yet which of these, now that the present has had time to catch up, has shown us an accurate portrayal of the way things are? Why should history be written and the future, the further you look, increasingly be so utterly unpredictable? A relatively recent trend are those movies that combine futuristic elements and ideas with a historic setting or style. Sky Captain, which we went to see tonight, was one of these. Things not as they are, not as they were, not as they will be, but perhaps how they might have been.

Polly Perkins and Sky Captain (if that is his real name)


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