Sunday, March 06, 2005

The Carol Vesseys of the World

The most beautiful girl in school, adored by all. You're careful - though averting your amorous gaze proves rather difficult - not to stare too long, lest it somehow distracts from her exquisite perfection. Feeling much too inadequate to put together even half a sentence in her presence, much less working up the courage to ask her out, you watch from the sidelines, with silent wonder, as the school days roll by, until eventually you find that all those days have long passed away and all that's left is a deep regret for opportunities not taken.

I remember being really excited - perhaps a little too excited - after seeing one of Channel 10's promotional spots that they're always doing at the beginning of each year, showing the upcoming season line-up, when some shots of the television series Ed flicked past, in and amongst a few various other run-of-the-mill shows. Ever since I saw that very first episode, I knew I’d found something special and so I watched from the sidelines each week. I loved the interesting and complex characters, the clever, interlocking storylines, and the way the show combines humorous and emotional elements, not quite comedy, not quite drama, but amazingly both at the same time.

Weeks went by however without any sign of Ed Stevens' melodramatic attempts at winning the heart of his high school crush, Carol Vessey, back in little old Stuckeyville, until finally the network decided to put on a few reruns in the middle of the day. But then, for some reason, they cut the show off half way through the season, replacing it with NYPD Blue - as if we didn't have enough police shows on tv. I had to tape the episodes that they did show and it was great to see them again, but I must say I've just about lost all confidence in Channel 10 right now.

I sometimes wonder what happens to all the Carol Vesseys of the world out there, if they're happy in their lives, happy about themselves. It's sometimes easy to imagine them now as they once appeared to be: perfect in every way, living the dream life. Yet sometimes it's those who seem to have it all, who carry with them the deepest insecurities and sorrows.



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