Thursday, March 31, 2005


There's a certain point in every Windows user's life - sometimes several times per day actually - when substantial physical harm is wished upon Bill Gates. I bet he's having a good old laugh up there at our expense, with his billions of dollars, most likely using his own special version of Windows, before they add in all the bugs and annoyances, the Bill Gates edition that never freezes, never crashes and always does what it's told. Pehaps I should forget about my computer, move to LA and become a movie producer or something.

Sometimes you don't appreciate the quality of a movie until they bring out a bad sequel. I hadn't been to the video store in quite a while, so while chkdsk was scanning my Windows installation, I thought I might take a drive down for a browse. I'd recently seen Be Cool and was somewhat disappointed, so when I noticed the Get Shorty dvd on the recent release shelves, I had to get it to see if I could establish what it is that

It's hard to say exactly, but I'm pretty sure that perceived authenticity has something to do with it. Be Cool came across as being rather contrived and manufactured, similar to much of today's pop music. With Get Shorty, that artificial, almost phony quality is missing, leaving a witty, satirical and entertaining film.

"I don't think the producer has to know much"


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