Monday, March 21, 2005

From Above

After work, sitting reading at the bench under the tree on the hilltop, a mysterious object fell from the heavens onto the ground beside me. It was small, flat, light brown in colour and looked rather like a half eaten dog biscuit; in fact that's what it was, most likely not a blessed gift from above, but rather dropped by a bird from the trees above.

Soon after, a lone magpie came strutting over; its movements reminding me a bit of Jurassic Park, the theory that dinosaurs turned into birds and that's where they all went, and my childhood fascination with prehistoric times. The black and white bird seemed not too bothered by my presence and casually proceeded to peck at the biscuit on the ground, holding it down with one leg while picking off little crumbs with its pointy beak one by one.

Tonight we met up with a few friends for dinner and coffee, such convenience and ease. To think that just a couple of hundred millennia ago we would have been picking various berries or running around after big, hairy animals for our supper.

The feeding magpie


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