Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hitchin' A Ride

I must confess that I can really appreciate a decent romantic comedy when one comes around, just to kick back, forget about things for a little while and have a good chuckle. It's also been said that laughter really is the best medicine, so perhaps seeing Hitch tonight will help counteract a few bad habits and indiscretions. One can only hope.

It seems everywhere there are people looking for love, that special someone to share moments of their lives with. For something that is so universal, that everyone is after, it almost seems rather strange that so many find that love is not always so easily found. This is where Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens comes in, the dating consultant, with his set rules of dating, lending a helping hand to guys that seem to be having more than a little trouble winning the heart of the girl of their dreams. But when it comes to finding love in his own relationships, things don't seem to go according to plan.

No major Hollywood movie these days would be complete without its fair share of product placement, hitching a ride on a direct train to the consumer subconscious. I noticed that Google was featured quite a few times in Hitch, both visually and in a few places, through the dialogue. I'm not too sure, but there seemed to also be frequent references to searching in the film, searching for background information, searching for people, searching for true love. All part of Google's master plan? Perhaps I'm reading too much into it.

The cure for the common man


Blogger Rich said...

Giant HORN sound - eyes popping out - OwwwoooooooooooggAA!

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