Tuesday, March 01, 2005

One in a Million, Baby

Just on the off chance that there was something decent on, I pressed the half-broken power button on the tv last night to catch Chris Rock presenting his opening bit for the 77th Academy Awards. In years past, I think I've always at least known it was on, with the ever increasing add break reminders leading up to the event and all. Shows just how much my television viewing has declined in days of late I guess.

The faces on the stage, the faces in the crowd, recognisable and familiar over those never gazed upon. Depp, Blanchett, Scorsese, Kaufman, certain set configurations of light and shadow on the screen give rise to certain set connections of firing neurones in the brain, constructs of people we've never even met - and most probably never will - living in the minds of millions.

Four of the five films nominated for best picture have been just recently released over here, coinciding of course, with the Oscars. So it seems their little ploy has succeeded. Tonight, in an unusually crowded movie theatre, we went to see Million Dollar Baby, winner of best motion picture of the year. I enjoyed it quite a bit, though because I've only seen one of the other nominated films so far, I can't be too certain I would rate it above all the others. One in a million? We'll have to wait and see.

Million Dollar Baby


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