Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Sleepy Hollow Dragons

Sometimes in the mornings just arriving at work, sometimes in the afternoons leaving for home and sometimes at lunchtimes while I'm walking up to eat at the bench under the big tree on the hill, I will see a certain shy little bearded dragon quietly basking in the sunlight of the day, who will most of the time go scurrying back to his tree trunk hollow as soon as I come into view.

He appears to be still quite young, smallish in size compared to some others I've seen, day after day, seeming quite contented with his home under the small Jacaranda tree outside the office building, busying himself with all those things most important to the average lizard.

I wonder what the world must be like to this small sleepy dragon, why he finds solace in his tree trunk hollow, never venturing too far out for fear of the unfamiliar.

The Dragon


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