Thursday, March 17, 2005

Wednesday Night Lights

It was a timely, nostalgic return to the Wednesday nights of old. Ok, so maybe it hadn't been that long and maybe it wasn't so nostalgic, just the first thing that came out.

Hadn't been in for a few months anyway, free pool at Her Majesty's until eight, then up to the new bowling place called Strike where we were going to bowl a few games, but because Lyn was feeling a bit crook, we waited around at the pool tables for Jerry to take her home and then come back again.

At first we thought we'd found a defective pool table, the neon lights that were glowing on the other tables were blown and each time we put in a dollar, all the balls would come rolling out, along with our money in the coin return. It was only later that we found out that all the tables were actually free as well.

Sometimes we play in darkness, clutching to what we have, never venturing into the light, for fear of what we might pay.

Strike lanes playing Monkey Magic


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