Wednesday, April 27, 2005

All Natural Mind Implants

That tiny bump on the back of my neck; I tried to checked it again after The Manchurian Candidate spurred memories of a past X-Files induced, momentary mock-paranoia, that it could possibly be some kind of high-tech, government mind control implant, strategically placed just out of view from my gaze in the mirror. Probably only a small mole or something - or perhaps that's just what they want me to think.

One dollar Tuesday at the video store had us hiring an inordinate amount of dvds tonight. Just looking through my Firefox history now, I've managed to pinpoint the genesis of my decision to rent The Manchurian Candidate. An article on the front page of Wikipedia made reference to a conspiracy theory, leading me to do a search for the page on The Catcher in the Rye, a book my mind obviously identifies with conspiracies for various reasons. It seems from that site, I came across a link to The Manchurian Candidate book and a memory purposely implanted in my mind by the film companies, the memory of the film's trailer, sparked a desire to see the movie.

It's a good thing I only spent a dollar on it though, as it certainly wasn't amongst the top conspiracy themed movies I've seen. I found out afterwards that it was actually a remake of an old sixties movie that's supposed to be quite a bit better. Why are remakes so rarely as good as the original? I really should stop being so lazy though and actually read the book.

It seems the good old corporations aren't doing too badly in the mind control department anyway, even without all the flashy computer chip implants, metaphors in the film for real life media control. Every little thing you see becomes implanted in your mind as a natural function of the brain. The seeds are sown, ideas are cultivated, though in the end, it's our choice which species will survive due to our mind's own natural selection.



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