Monday, April 11, 2005

But Oh, That Magic Feeling

"Out of college money spent, see no future pay no rent. All the money's gone, nowhere to go." --Lennon/McCartney, Abbey Road

It's a strange feeling when you realise that the lyrics to a song are actually not what you had previously assumed and perhaps - more embarrassingly - even sung along to. The song, as it existed in your mind is suddenly changed forever as the validity of its former meaning is stripped away. In the Abbey Road track, You Never Give Me Your Money, I always thought it was 'But oh that magic feeling, oh where'd it go?'. It appears I was wrong, though the sentiment seemed fitting.

Friday night, out 'till morning, yet somehow flat, a shadow of former times. Saturday to the movies at Southbank, parking a pain, a cramped and crowded theatre, obliged to see Sahara with the others - distant memories of a time when a trip to the cinema was an almost magical experience. The weekend closes, an early episode of Ed rekindles the urge to go bowling, unshared by all but a few. Searching, forever seeking, though content with discontent, but oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go.

The lyrics of life going round and round inside your head, and though the future may prove them different, what more can we do but to keep on singing regardless?

Beatles in the garden


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