Friday, April 29, 2005

Dealing With Infinite Nature

"How am I not myself?" --Brad Stand, I Huckabees

Second time seeing I Heart Huckabees, second coincidence since last time that's happened just hours before at Chermside shopping centre involving paths crossed with old uni friends. What does it all mean?

Sitting, waiting on one of their comfortable couches, midpoint in the surrounding flow of human traffic, finding familiar objects in the patterns on the floor and watching the faces of the people passing by, I happen upon one recognisable; a girl I'd only spoken to a few times at uni named Jess. I hesitate whether to say hi as she walks on by without noticing. Just a few minutes later, there's a tap on my shoulder. A quick hello from a different classroom acquaintance, who would otherwise have slipped by unnoticed.

Upon second viewing, I think I enjoyed the movie a whole lot more, just letting it flow by, without having to rethink the issues or worry about what was coming next, which direction it was going to take. First interpretations remain, interacting and influencing each subsequent viewing. Also enjoyed listening to Jude Law's attempt at an american accent again.

As the years pass by, we often seem to box ourselves in to a specific life and way of thinking. As a child, the walls of the box stretch out close to infinity, but are quickly pulled closer and closer, shaped by experience. I Heart Huckabees to me, is about coping with existence without bounds once the false finite nature of the box is regognised by realising that everything's connected and by asking how you are not yourself.

Coincidence survives twice as well in the brain as incidence does.

Tops and mops


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