Thursday, April 21, 2005

Differing Interpretations

Tuesdays, over every other day, has firmly established itself as a refuge for the budget conscious movie goer. I can remember the days, long ago it seems now, when the Stafford cinema had just opened, riding bicycles down the road from our old high school just about every Tuesday, pocket money well spent.

I used to have a collection of movie ticket stubs that I kept in my wallet until it began to overflow and then I was forced to keep them stacked together with a rubber band at home. Sometimes I would sit and count how many there were, making an estimate of just how much I'd spent on filling my brain with moving pictures, and although always somewhat amazed at the total cost - even while on a kid’s budget - what is gained is always more than compensation.

Upon arrival at the cinemas last night, I bumped into Hilary, a lady from work walking in with one of her friends and we discussed how we all were and introductions were made and this and that and they told us that they were going to see The Interpreter because they'd heard it was good. It's interesting, but just from that offhand recommendation, it made me want to go see it just a little more - perhaps tipping the scales in the end. Why is it that we place such importance on what others think of a movie, knowing full well the variation that exists between individual tastes?

Nothing about the film struck me as overly spectacular and I felt there lacked a certain chemistry between Sean and Nicole that made them seem far too distant. The strange thing is, today at work, Hilary asked me what I thought of the film. Just from the tone of her voice you could tell that she really liked it, so I simply answered 'good', without really thinking. I'm glad she enjoyed it though.

The interpretations of what we see are really interpretations of ourselves. What would we be without those Tuesday trips?

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Blogger Viva25 said...

I find Nicole Kidman to be an annoying actress, she seems to lack something, an intangible something. Also, he doesn't seem quite...i dunno....human? She gets paler and paler and her nose and eyebrows get pointier...maybe I'm just weird.

4/23/2005 01:15:00 am  

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